SDG Indicators

This module allows to generate data for reporting on SDG indicators. The SEPAL SDG indicator module follows SDG best practice guidance, such as the [best practice guidance from UNCCD on SDG 15.3.1.]( The methodology for SDG 15.3.1 was implemented in consultation with the team at Conservation International.

Select an AOI

Using the provided AOI selector, select an AOI of your choice between the different methods available in the tool. We provide 3 administration descriptions (from level 0 to 2) and 3 custom shapes (drawn directly on the map, asset or shapefile).

aoi selector


If a custom aoi from shape or drawing is selected, you will be able to use it directly and the upload to GEE will be launched in the background

Set up parameters

Select Date

First you will need to select start year, Start year of the target period (= end year of the baseline period), and end year of the analysis.

select date

Select sensors

Afetr selecting the date all the available sensors within the timeframe will be available. You can deselect or re-select any sensor you want.

select sensors

Select a trajectory

There are three options available to calculate the productivity trend that describe trajectry of change

  • Based on NDVI trend

  • Based on residual trend

  • Trend based on water use efficiency

select trajectory

Generate a land cover transition matrix

We need a transition matrix to calculate the degradation that has occurred specifically as a result of land cover change. As a transtion is contex specific, you might need to change the transition matrix to suit your objective. You can change the default values just by clicking on a cell.

generate transition

Select a climate regime

The value of climate resime is required to calculate the SOC change. You can leave this option to calculate the values using global climate data. Or you can select a predefine value for the entire AOI, or there is also a option avaialble to define a custom value.

climate regime

Once all the parameters are set you can run the analysis by clicking on the Load the indicators button. It takes time to calulate all the sub-indicator. There is an area that display the current state of analysis just below the Load the indicators button.

Process button

Download the result

  • The process by default download the zonal statistics in the download folder.

  • To download the results in your local computer, click on the botons available above the map.

  • To download all the Geotif file in the SEPAL folder click on the botton below the map.

final results