Register to SEPAL and other key platforms#

Set up your accounts and request additional resources#

In this article, you can learn how to:

Create a SEPAL account#


  1. Go to

  2. Select Launch > Sign up.

  1. Enter your information into the form.

  1. Select Sign up.

  1. Complete email verification.

  2. Create a password.


After completing registration, you can request access to the SEPAL Users Google Group.

Go to and select Ask to join group.

For support, go to the Geographic Information Systems StackExchange and ask a question to the community using the SEPAL tag.


With your new account, you can perform basic operations, such as visualizing and processing satellite imagery, saving recipes, and navigating through the platform; however, some SEPAL features are not fully available (e.g. in the Tabs bar on the left, Terminal and Tools are deactivated because these functions require an instance and a quota). To get full access, go to the request access section.

Request additional SEPAL resources#


To use SEPAL modules and acesss the command line terminal and development tools like Jupyter or RStudio, you will need to request processing resources.

  1. Select Quota > Request additional resources.

  2. Complete the form and select Apply.

If you do not know how many resources you will use, go to the resource management <resource> section for more information.


Applications are evaluated by the SEPAL team to prevent bots and malicious users from accessing the platform.

Sign up for Google Earth Engine (GEE)#



While SEPAL can run computation on its own GEE account on your behalf, the SEPAL team highly recommends signing up for GEE to improve your experience.

If you already have a Google email address, go to to sign up for a GEE account.

Request access to Google Earth Engine (GEE).

If you don’t have a Google email address, go to to sign up.

Once you have a GEE account, go to to access the interface.

Google Earth Enging (GEE) code editor.


If you experience problems registering with GEE, contact the SEPAL team at .

Sign up for Collect Earth Online (CEO)#



To get the most out of the SEPAL platform’s Classification and Validation tools, the SEPAL team highly suggests using CEO for collecting point-based training and validation data.

To create a new account:

  1. Open your browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox).

  2. Go to

  3. Select Register.

  4. Complete the form and Select Register.

  5. Log in with your Email and Password.

CEO landing page


If you forget your password, select Forgot your password? and follow the instructions.