Reset password#

Create a new password for your SEPAL account

In this article, learn how to:

  • access your SEPAL account by creating a new password

If you have forgotten the password for your SEPAL account, you can reset it by proving you have access to the email address associated with your account.

A password may be recovered by submitting a request after following the directions located at one of the website’s signin forms.


Resetting passwords is not possible without knowing and having access to the email address used to sign in to the platform. Before requesting a new account with SEPAL, please test all of your email accounts.

The password reset process can be performed in three steps:

  1. Provide your email address.

  2. Complete email verification.

  3. Create a new password.

Provide email address#

Select Forgot password on the SEPAL landing page.

Enter the email address you used to register for SEPAL, then select Reset password.


If the field becomes red, your email address was not found in the database. Be careful with typos and test multiple addresses, as you may have used another when you registered.

Once your email address is validated, a confirmation email will be sent from SEPAL to your associated email account. The notification system will display a message containing this information in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Complete email verification#

To reset your password, SEPAL uses an email confirmation system because:

  • attackers cannot lock the accounts of other users by guessing their usernames and utilizing the forgotten password recovery function;

  • passwords cannot be read from your email account by potential attackers;

  • the reset links are only temporarily valid; and

  • after someone uses a password reset link, it becomes invalid and cannot be accessed again.

For all of these reasons, SEPAL will send you the following email.

Follow the instructions to reset your password on a new browser page.

Create new password#

In the Reset password form, three fields are available:

  • Username: the username associated with your email address in the database.


    Your username cannot be changed.

  • Password: your new password.

  • Confirm password: a security field where you need to provide your new password again.

Enter the new password in the Password and Confirm password fields (if the two fields are not exactly the same, the form cannot be validated).

Select Set password to validate your new password.

Once validated, the new password will be automatically updated on your account. The user will be authenticated and a notification will be displayed in the upper right.

Last updated on Dec 18, 2023.