Near-Real-Time Forest Disturbance Mapping (CCDC based)#


Near-Real-Time Forest Disturbance Mapping (NRT-FDM) can be useful for a variety of applications, foremost policy enforcement. In this workflow description we provide a step-by-step guide on how to set-up a NRT-FDM on SEPAL by using advanced functionality of the CCDC algorithm.


  1. Area of Interest

  2. Forest Mask and/or Training data for Forest/Non-forest

  3. dsfas

Main Steps#

  1. Create CCDC Asset for historical period (-3 + 1 year around forest mask year)

  2. Create CCDC Slice at coinciding forest mask date of the historical period

  3. Provide/Generate Training Data for the end of the historical period for Forest/Non-Forest

  4. Classify CCDC Slice from Step 2

  5. Generate new CCDC Asset utilizing the classification from Step 4

  6. Generate CCDC slice with latest valid date

  7. Classify new

  8. Create mosaic for latest period

  9. Compare index to probability change

–> not issue at the end of time-series - not compare it to last image, but to last year?


The documentation of this functionality is under construction.


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