SEPAL environment#

CLI tools#

SEPAL platform includes a variety of useful Command Line Interface utilities to help resolve specific problems, some of them are listed below:

  • gdal

  • gdrive

  • gee

  • gwb

  • ofgt

  • otb

These tools can be called directly from the terminal or any programming language sending commands to the kernel including R and Python (installed by default on any SEPAL account).


the code executed previously on an existing example.tif file.

gdalinfo example.tif

coding tools#

In the app section, you’ll find at the top of the list 3 coding tools:

  • JupyterLab

  • JupyterNotebook

  • Rstudio

They will allow the user to code wokflows in any of the available languages using the coresponding environment built-in in SEPAL. These environments are fully customizables, click on the Python or R section to know more.