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Google Classroom#

Learn how to use SEPAL’s Google Classroom


To provide consistent, up-to-date training materials, the SEPAL team uses Google Classroom.

To access SEPAL’s Google Classroom, open your professional Google account and go to the SEPAL project’s Google Classroom page (you should see something like the following image, except for the classes).


Each class is composed of several Topics.

Each Topic can include different types of content, including: exercises, exams, and material.


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If you need support with SEPAL’s Google Classroom, contact and .

Creating a classroom#

If you need material for a webinar, you can either reuse one of the general classrooms or create your own by following the steps presented in the following tutorial.


If you create your own course as a combination of different modules, invite as a teacher and make this account the owner of the classroom. You will still be able to do everything as a teacher, but the content will be stored in a communal account.

When creating basic content, you can reuse posts from other classes that you are teaching.



If you want to reuse material from other classes, you will need to be added as a teacher for these classes by contacting and .


To avoid duplicate copies of content, please do not select the option to Create new copies of all attachments.


Use general content#

To use general content in your classrooms, add the General class content folder to your Google Drive account.

Open Google Drive and go to the Share with me section.

Select the General class content folder.


If the content has not yet been shared with you, ask your colleagues to do so.


Enter maj+Z.

Select Add to connect the folder to your own Google Drive account.


To reuse a file from this folder, use the Edit function.


Then, add a file from Google Drive:



The file you’re using is made for general purposes and should not be adapted to your specific needs. If you’re improving the quality of the presentation, making modifications to the original is permitted; however, any other modifications should be made in another version, which you can create by copying the original to your Google Drive account.


Since everyone on the SEPAL team can edit these files, mistakes could impact all members and existing classrooms that use this file. Please exercise caution.

Last updated on Dec 18, 2023.